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5cm high Rubber Speed Bump

Rubber Speed Bump
Model: SB-012

Middle Part:
Size: 900 x 500 x 50mm 
Weight: 19kgs/PC 

End Part:
Size: 900 x 250 x 50mm 
Weight: 6.5kgs/PC


Installation instruction:
1) Speed bumps can be installed on the surface of asphalt roads and concrete road.
2) To improve life span, the road must be smooth. After drilling, clean Up the holes and remove the dust, oil and debris from the holes. Using the special adhesive, put the bottom of the bump to the surface Of the road
3) For A type road bumps, use a steel bar or PVC pipe to link them up from the middle.
Holes in order to strengthen the power of force resistance
4) The fixer and the hole must be matched in size

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